We’ve sold out for this season. A new range will be available in the autumn


We're pleased to offer a selection of our hardy perennials as bare-root plants, priced at £5 each for a sizeable clump plus p&p. All grown chemical-free by us.



Flowering from mid to high summer, brightly-coloured yarrows are a must for the mixed border.  Best grown in sun and good garden soil, with sharp drainage.


True blue perennials for early summer show.

ASTRANTIA - Hattie’s Pincushion or Masterwort

Great garden plants, shining in sun and good soil, not too dry.  Remove old stems to keep these hardy perennials flowering into late summer.

CATANANCHE – Cupid’s Dart

Prettiest of perennials, with papery daisies in warm blue or white. Best grown in sunny, well-drained front-of-border spot.  Great as a cut or dried flower.

CENTAUREA – Knapweed


KNIPHOFIA – Poker plant

Torches in the summer and autumn borders, there now exists a wide range of colour combinations in these ever popular hardy perennials.  We have chosen a few of our favourites.  Best grown in sun and good garden soil.

LEUCANTHEMUM – Shasta daisy

Much-loved perennials for the sunny border and wildlife areas of the garden.  Bees and butterflies love the timeless daisies which flower well into autumn if dead-headed regularly.  Any soil.

PERSICARIA – Red bistort

Superb stout and robust perennials for colourful red, pink or white flower spikes from mid summer well into autumn.  Preferring dampish soil, all are tolerant of some shade.  Give them room to really show their striking effect in the border.

SALVIA – Ornamental Sage

Fabulous garden-worthy group which flower all summer and provide a feast for bees, butterflies and pollinating insects.  Regular deadheading extends the show well into autumn.  Best grown in sun and good garden soil.

SCABIOSA – Scabious

Pincushion flowers all summer, supplying plenty of nectar for bees, butterflies and all pollinating insects.

SIDALCEA – prairie mallow

Distinct group of border perennials, which add soft colour, grace and architecture to the summer garden.

STOKESIA – Stokes Aster

Definitely worth a place in the front of a sunny border – strappy evergreen foliage and large shaggy cornflower-like flowers throughout summer and autumn.

VERONICA – Speedwell

Taller forms of this early-flowering group of perennials.